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Jim Tomsula happy with 49ers energy, doesn't have much else to add

The San Francisco 49ers head coach discussed the team's 24-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. He did not exactly inspire a lot of confidence in the team figuring out their problems. We have a full transcript. You can also listen to audio here, and view video here.

Opening comments:

"Injury report: [C] Marcus Martin's got a concussion. [RB Shaun] Draughn has a knee and [WR Jerome] Simpson had the wind knocked out of him. That's what we've got there. [CB] Dontae [Johnson] had the ankle, he came back and played. That's it."

We ask about energy all the time, what did you think of the energy level?

"There was energy. In four minutes and 23 seconds, it went from zero-zero to 21-nothing. Until we understand that we cannot make those fundamental mistakes. We have got to understand that we cannot make those fundamental mistakes. When the ball is thrown we need to catch it. We need to hold on to it. We need to punt the ball. We need to make those plays."

What can you do about that?

"Work like crazy."

Obviously, there were two balls of off TE Vance McDonald's hands resulted in interceptions. You continued to put him out there and throw to him.

"I'm not going to evaluate the personnel today."

You guys were 0 for 12 on third down until the final two attempts. What is that a reflection of in terms of QB Blaine Gabbert as your quarterback and how you feel about the offense?

"Well, Blaine Gabbert has got to be able to be protected too. He's got to have time to make those throws."

How do you evaluate yourself and your coaching staff?

"I evaluate everybody. It's a loss. That's what I evaluate."

Do you think Shaun Draughn's knee injury will keep him out of the next two?

"I don't know that. I hope not, but I don't know that right now."

You were happy with the energy level? You were happy with the effort level in today's game?

"The physical effort and the energy level? Yes, absolutely. I have not had a problem with this group, with that. It's the fine focus. Tackling, which was cleaned up today. But, the problems that we've had and the problems that come up are fine focus. We need to focus and we need to make sure we make those plays."

In your past experience what tributes to the kinds of problems that we've seen the 49ers have this season in those areas?

"That's a better question for Wednesday. I'm not going to have an excuse or anything else today. We need to get that done."

Is fine focus another word for concentration in your mind?

"I think it falls within that, but my point is when the play is to be made whether it be tackling or catching or blocking, the fine focus is - you see the play through. You have to see it through."

The run fits seemed to be much better today. What changed? What improved from last week?

"Everybody was fitted up. We were fitted up, guys were playing and we fitted up the run."

When you guys were down 24-nothing and scored, you could look at it and say you are three scores away --

"Three, eights."

Three, eights, why didn't you go three, eights?

"Because, I was looking for the other side of that. Because when we scored if something happens there with one of those two-point conversions, now you're chasing that point. So, I chose the other option."

I think the Bengals had about 250-yards, just one drive more than 36-yards, one scoring drive. Was that a winning performance by the defense?

"I'm not going to separate the team. It's the 49ers and we didn't win. I was pleased with improvement. It's hard to be pleased with anything right now."

To go back to the three, eights. Your feeling was you were going to get more possessions than just the three?


It looked like LB NaVorro Bowman had one of his better games, especially on that fourth down tackle. Did he come out ready to show that he still had it today?

"Yeah. Again, I think that entire front seven, they all worked together."

Why is fine focus still an issue after 15 weeks?

"It's been up and down. We have got to make sure that we make that play and finish it. I don't have the answer on why it's a problem today. I don't. I have to find that answer."