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Better Rivals podcast: Bengals review, 49ers gift guide, and Star Wars

David and Oscar recap San Francisco's home loss to the Bengals and get in the holiday spirit to pass out some 49ers-related gifts. There’s also Star Wars. It’s fun, we promise.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It’s a special holiday edition of the Better Rivals podcast! After recapping yet another 49ers loss, this one at home to the A.J. McCarron-led Bengals, we break from the usual script for some holiday related fun. We put on our Football-Claus hats and pass out some gifts to various 49ers before closing out the show with some unsponsored Star Wars to 49ers synergy. What is the machete order equivalent of San Francisco’s 2015 season? Which 49ers are we casting in Star Wars’ roles? All that, plus Coach Trent, why you always eat the brussels sprouts, and a damn fine Yoda impression.

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