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Jim Tomsula focuses on execution as reason for 49ers problems

The San Francisco 49ers head coach made his bi-weekly KNBR appearance, and got plenty of questions about the 49ers offensive woes. He appears to blame execution more than anything else. We have a full transcript, and you can listen to audio here.

Jim Tomsula got another chance to discuss the San Francisco 49ers offensive woes during his bi-weekly KNBR appearance, and he focused on execution as the reason for the team's struggles. Execution is certainly part of the equation, but it would appear there have also been issues with play-calling. I don't think it's fair to single out one particular thing for the offensive problems, which makes his comments all the more frustrating. Blaine Gabbert spoke to the media on Tuesday, and when asked about third down problems, he did a better job falling on the sword in his reasoning. I suppose at the end of the day, it's all words, and nothing really matters if things aren't happening, but it still is frustrating.

Here's the full transcript. He discusses the Christmas week schedule, Jarryd Hayne, readiness vs. the Browns and more, so give it a read.

On Christmas week schedule:

Well, we still have the same number of days to prepare for a game, so, what we did do, the adjustments, is we're gonna leave on Saturday morning instead of leaving Friday afternoon. We have changed our schedule just a touch to where we'll come in a little later so the guys with kids can wake up and be with their kids. And then we'll be out of here so they can be home for dinner. They'll work the middle of the day

On if he watched Lions-Saints:

Yes, well I caught more tape than I did that. It was on in the background here. Man, that was a game wasn't it?

On Lions weapons:

Oh gosh yes, they do. That o-line that they have there, that's a talented group, and obviously you've got Johnson outside, and Tate's outside. I think their running game is moving. You saw it last night, you saw it moving around. And you see them using the backs out of there in the screen game. I just think they do a nice job with the formations and everything. We've got some work to do.

On figuring out road struggles:

Well, I'm not going to stand here and give you a bunch of bologna. We've discussed it, but to tell you that we've absolutely put our finger on it, no. We're trying to make sure that we're aware of it. We've talked about it in meetings, "what are you doing on the road?" Each guy individually, what are we doing collectively on the road. Is there something there that we're missing, or is there something there that we're doing that's not correct? So, with the change with Christmas, leaving on Saturday morning, maybe that's it. Maybe that's something we're finding out. We're actually looking at this. But have absolutely discussed it, and are looking at it.

On debate about readiness for Browns game:

Well you know what? There was a physical effort to that game. Because I went back and forth on that. We haven't had a, there was, the guys were, I really felt good about them on Saturday, felt great about Saturday night, felt great about it Sunday morning in the locker room. We just didn't, the detail of it was just, we just weren't crisp. Again, we've talked about the flights, the Detroit-to-Cleveland thing (I assume meaning Chicago-to-Cleveland), again, that was my decision. Talking about staying on the east coast for the week. But it was so late in the season, I thought, nah, we're gonna be home from Chicago, and 8:30 in the evening on that Sunday, so I thought the guys, we would have a good week of practice here. That time of year, towards the east coast, you can get into all kind of weather issues and everything else. So I made the decision that we were gonna come back, practice, and then go back to Cleveland. My reasoning, I felt was good and sound, but that is something we have to keep looking at.

On departure Saturday morning and worry about flight delay:

Well, I hope not. I don't think we will. We've been assured that we've got a flight, and it's in a great position there not to have any problems.

On being too passive offensively:

Well, I don't necessarily think that, but again, in the context of that, we had some things called to get the ball down the field in terms of play-calling, what I want us to do, is get on the field and attack. And when I say attack, players attack, coaches attack, everybody attack. We've gotta get, when we do call these things, we've gotta get going, and we've gotta throw and catch, and we've gotta do all that together.

On Gabbert throwing short of the sticks:

Well, I'll tell you what. In the normal flow of a game, when you get yourselves, you don't get yourselves behind the sticks. In that game there, we had a pass that was complete for a first down on a third down, and it was a fumble. And then we had a pass that we thought would be complete, that ends up being intercepted, that would be a first down. And we can't do those things. Then we end up, we're in a third down situation, it's a 3rd and 4, 3rd and 5, and we jump offsides. So now we're putting ourselves in those positions where it's 3rd and long. When we're putting ourselves in those spots, that's where, that's the first part. The second part is, we've got to get down the field, and attack the sticks. But we've got to stop putting ourselves in those positions.

On stretching the field over final two games:

Again, I will tell you that there were some things called there in that game that we thought would stretch the field. And we just didn't get it executed.

On running back issues and Jarryd Hayne:

Jarryd has been, just so you and everybody can, Jarryd has worked tirelessly here. And what he has been doing in practice has been really good for him, and the approach that he's taken with it. What I mean by that is, Jarryd just needed to play football, and get the feel in the running game, and when Jarryd's working outside, working in space, that's something he's used to, that's something he's done. It's more the inside stuff and working off the blocks inside, and playing the tighter game there between the tackles that he needed to work on. And the really, the only way you work on that is doing it. And he has taken the lion's share of our practice squad reps, our look-team reps inside, and working those cuts off the blocks and things. So his development, he has really been working at it. We'll just where all that goes. Jarryd is real serious about it, and we're all extremely happy with what he's doing and the way he's approaching it.

On what he can say as to why he and his staff should return in 2016:

I won't even get into those kind of conversations. Truly, and when I say it, we work on a one-week calendar, and we've gotta get, all the energy's gotta go into this game. And that's just where we stay. Look, when you're a football coach, when you're in this profession, you understand the realities of it. You understand it's a performance-based business. You've got all that. We also understand, when you sign the contract, and you come into work, and you're going, that you bust your tail and you get going, but there's a clock. And you've got so much time to get things to where you need them to be. And the results need to start showing up. We don't focus on that, we got a staff here that doesn't focus on that. I'm really, really fortunate to have those kind of guys.

On the offseason turnover, and knowing the issues you have to deal with:

Well, I'll tell you what, I knew more about the job I accepted than probably anybody that knew about the job that was offered to me. I knew there were storms that we'd have to go through, and my decision was not to go around them, but to go through them. And when you go through them, there's some rocky waters, and you gotta steer the ship. That's just the way we're going about it.

On vision for team, particularly offense, if he returns:

Well, I mean, when you say the team first, I'm really excited about the young guys. With this Jimmie Ward, I keep talking about these guys, and this Blake Bell. We've got some young guys that you really see that core, with a few of the guys that have been here, and these young guys, you see the core developing. And you see the intangibles, the way guys carry themselves, and the way they go to work, and the way they interact, you see that thing being built. And going through a tough year that we've gone through so far, guys that hold it together, you see them staying focused, you see them staying on task, and not looking for a way out. That build something, if there's something good that comes out of the left-hand column not being where you want it to be. That's the exciting part. Offensively, we've just got to keep getting going, you've got Carlos, he's feeling good now, and he's on the mends, and working towards getting that thing back. We've got some guys there. Joe Staley is to me, having another very good year. So, we've got, getting Kilgore back in the lineup has been a nice thing. So we've got some guys, Blaine's been doing some things, the tight ends are doing some good things. We've just got to keep on keepin' on.