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49ers Kmart ornament allegedly contains nearly 40x the legal limit of lead

On the one hand, this is not a good thing. On the other hand, given the way this year has gone for the San Francisco 49ers, the timing is kind of perfect. A non-profit organization called Center for Environmental Health (CEH) published an article on Christmas Eve stating that a 49ers ornament sold by Kmart contains lead at levels near 40 times the legal limit for a children's product.

A few serious points: 1) The article is a mixture of satire and fact. The bottom states that the product does in fact contain too much lead, but the quotations from the 49ers organization are all fake. 2) CEH is a non-profit that works to protect children and families from harmful chemicals in air, food, water, and every-day products. You can learn more about them here.

In reality, this is an NFL issue, as licensing generally happens from the league level. We could just as easily mock the NFL on this, but given how the 49ers season has gone, this just seems kind of fitting. And you thought a lump of coal was bad!