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Golden Nuggets: Post-Christmas Edition

Your 49ers links for Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning everyone. I hope everyone has had a great holiday. In these parts I did Christmas and got some real cool things. While I'm pretty set on getting some Fallout 4 in, I just started my first playthrough of Zelda: Twilight Princess and want to really sit through that. Besides, my computer isn't good enough to run Fallout 4. Well, not the way I want it to run Fallout 4.

Regarding football news, it seems like Anquan Boldin wants to come back to the 49ers. I believe it. Boldin has received quite a following in San Francisco, and his relationship with the 49ers management is (allegedly) very good. Even if all of this is not true and Boldin is merely trying to appease the fans, you don't want to let go of this guy. Is he getting old? Yes. Has he lost a step? Sure. But Boldin has leadership and experience, something that locker room is seriously lacking. Not only that, they got DeAndre Smelter coming in, the heir apparent to Anquan Boldin--if his knee holds up. I'd like Boldin to really work with this kid as his protege.  I don't see it happening though. Boldin is a great complimentary piece to a Super Bowl team, which the 49ers are sadly, nowhere near becoming yet. I see someone else offering him a much more lucrative contract for 1 year.

That is, unless the 49ers can do a contract of sorts that could transition him as a player into the coaches offices in a couple years. I don't know of many if any players that have done it (transitioned to NFL coaching within a year after playing), but I'd love Boldin as a coach. I've never heard of a team doing this though, so I guess I can just cling to straws that Boldin stays. He's very good for this team and locker room. Just a matter of negotiations. All of this is purely Elpato's speculation, and we all know how useless that is.

Let's Get to the Links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...