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Jim Tomsula with just the perfect Jim Tomsula quotation after 49ers loss to Lions

Jennifer Chan will be putting together a transcript of Jim Tomsula's post-game press conference, but in the meantime this quotation jumped out to me. Could Jim Tomsula have said anything else this year that would so perfectly encapsulate this season and his coaching regime?

The 49ers offense looked pretty solid in the first half, rolling up 265 yards. They managed to follow that up with a robust 57 yards in the second half, completely no-showing for extended portions of the final 30 minutes. On defense, the team managed six neutral zone infractions, which was the most since at least 1991, according to NFL STATS.

I don't think anybody is overly surprised the team lost, and I imagine most people are not surprised that the game went down like this. Maybe you couldn't predict exactly what would happen, but most of us probably knew the team would do something uninspiring at some point. And Jim Tomsula's post-game comments only add to the complete lack of anything resembling inspiration. This is an absolute train wreck right now.