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Mike Holmgren reportedly expresses interest in 49ers' head coaching job ... again

Holmgren really, really likes the 49ers.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With one game to go in the regular season and the San Francisco 49ers sporting a losing record, it's about time for some tasty head coaching rumors. First up, it sounds like former Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Holmgren has expressed interest in the 49ers' head coaching job, according to Robert Klemko of the Monday Morning Quarterback.

Holmgren hasn't exactly been shy about his interest in the 49ers in the past, of course. He's publicly stated his interest in the past and it's no surprise that he's interested again this year, if Klemko's report is accurate.

Holmgren was the 49ers' quarterback coach in the late 80's before he transitioned to offensive coordinator. He left not long after, for the Packers, where he coached them through 1998. Then he joined the Seahawks, as I'm sure you all know, through 2008. A short stint with the Cleveland Browns put a bow on his career, or maybe not.

With the Packers in 1996, Holmgren won Super Bowl XXXI and he's still pretty well-respected around the league, even after struggles with the Seahawks late in his career and the disaster that was his tenure as team president of the Cleveland Browns.

Personally, I don't know how I feel about Holmgren. What I do know is that I doubt Jim Tomsula is going to be fired any time this year. I think Tomsula gets another season, while a coordinator or two gets the boot. The one thing that would give Tomsula a pink slip is if the 49ers are extremely confident in an available candidate and their ability to land him.

Whether or not Holmgren is or can be that guy is totally up in the air.