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Watch the San Francisco 49ers nearly set a record for jumping into the neutral zone

The San Francisco 49ers did their best to set an ugly record on Sunday, hopping into and beyond the neutral zone seven times. Given the seven penalties, I thought it would be fun (I lead a dull existence) to put together a super-cut of the 49ers seven infractions (if you don't see the video above, click refresh and it should show up. Also, make sure to turn up the volume, as we had some music attached to it).

At the time, the penalties were listed as neutral zone infractions. In reality, it was five neutral zone infractions and two offsides penalties. Either way, the team was entirely undisciplined. Sometimes it was just getting anxious. Aaron Lynch's penalty came during the Lions hurry-up when he did not get properly set. For those that did not keep score at home, penalties went to Ahmad Brooks, Gerald Hodges, Jimmie Ward, Arik Armstead, Tony Jerod-Eddie, Aaron Lynch, and Eli Harold.

The highlight of all this might have been the radio broadcast. According to some folks listening, 49ers color man Tim Ryan was saying the penalties were because the 49ers were trying too hard. I get that the 49ers radio team is going to sell the positives, but that just comes across as comical. The 49ers are an undisciplined team due to a combination of youth and coaching. At some point, that just needs to be acknowledged, even by the company men.