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Torrey Smith comments on Jared Goff

Torrey Smith seems to be spending his Monday afternoon enjoying some college football bowl action, with Cal in action against Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl. Jared Goff is potentially capping off his college career with a dominant effort against a bad Air Force defense. As of this publishing, Goff is 25 of 37 for 467 yards and six touchdowns. He set the Pac-12's single-season passing yardage record on his sixth touchdown of the game.

Torrey Smith posted the tweet above right before Goff's sixth touchdown pass. There are plenty of opinions on Goff. He has had some monster games, but he has also had his share of less than stellar performances this season. We'll be breaking down film on all the notable quarterback prospects, but for now, I just wanted to post Smith's tweet. I don't see the need to read into this, but that doesn't mean we can't throw a little red meat out there for the masses.

Blaine Gabbert is an adequate quarterback, but he just is not a long-term option. Even as a guy who potentially won't make a ton of mistakes, the upside is still sufficiently limited that the 49ers will need to find a long-term option sooner rather than later. I do think the team will draft a quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft, but I would be surprised if they went first round at the position. I could see the team going day two or day three, as it just does not seem Trent Baalke's style to go too flashy in the first round. I could very well be proven wrong, but for now I'm just not seeing it.