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Eagles 'release' Chip Kelly as head coach

The firing season is upon us! The Philadelphia Eagles announced on Tuesday evening that they have "released" Chip Kelly as head coach. That's not saying specifically that it's a firing, but either way he's out. It is possible he knows of other opportunities and this is a negotiated departure, or he's just out the door and that's that.

Whatever the case, Black Monday is less than a week away, and it will be interesting to see if this leads to any firings before then, or anybody else just waits out the rest of this week, and then handles their business Sunday night or Monday morning.

The Tennessee Titans have been connected to Kelly, and there will be college options galore for the former Oregon coach. I would not expect to see Kelly out of a job for very long. Personally, I'm tempted to start a Kelly to the 49ers rumor, even though that obviously won't happen. We can even link in the Tom Gamble connection, just to have fun with it!