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NFL changes comp pick trade rule for 2017, reduces free agency 'tampering' period

The NFL passed two rules that will impact offseason transactions. The league passed a rule that will allow compensatory picks to be traded starting in 2017. The league also passed a rule reducing the "tampering" period leading up to free agency from three days to two days.

There had been reports earlier this year that the comp pick trading would happen starting in 2016. The league decided against that, and if you the full resolution below, you can see they crossed out 2016 and changed it to 2017. That means the 49ers extra picks this offseason will not be tradeable. The 49ers will have plenty of other picks to trade, though.

The "tampering period" was an addition in recent years to try and make up for the fact that tampering was happen on a regular basis leading up to free agency. In reality, free agency tampering begins well before this period, but I suppose the "tampering period" can make owners feel like things are on the up-and-up, or something.

Comp pick change

Tampering period change