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Throwback Thursday: Remembering Da' Bears

In the 80s, the bears had one of the best defenses in league history. Too bad they lost to us in crucial times.

We had a few finalists for this week's Throwback Thursday. There's so much the Bears have offered us in history, from giving us Colin Kaepernick's amazing, breathtaking debut, to...uh...Mike Singletary.

But the best one? One of the greatest defenses in league history getting smacked around by Joe Montana and Co. Smacking is putting it lightly, this was a glorified thumping for 60 minutes in the 1985 NFC Championship game. Niners 23, Bears 0, thanks for coming. This is the entire game, and 30 years later, it's still awesome.

Rumors say it ticked Mike Ditka off something special and the relationship (if there was one) between him and Bill Wash grew into a heated grudge after being thoroughly embarrassed in one of the most important games in Bears history.I have no confirmation on this though. Anyone care to confirm?

On the flipside, this was nothing short of impressive and a foreshadowing of how nasty the Super Bowl would be for the Miami Dolphins.For the curious, the 49ers went on to win that Super Bowl 38-16.

By the way, this video is great just to hear John Madden again. I know he's got his haters and his redundant, state of the art commentary, but the guy has charisma! As obvious as his calls are, I can't help but just enjoy hearing him talk football.