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Coldplay to play Super Bowl 50 halftime show at Levi's Stadium

The Super Bowl 50 halftime show officially has a lead act. Lead sponsor Pepsi confirmed that Coldplay will perform at Levi's Stadium on February 7. There is no word yet on if there will be any accompanying acts for the show. Although the 49ers will not be in the Super Bowl (sorry to crush some dreams), we will be keeping track of some aspects of the Super Bowl since Levi's Stadium is hosting.

The Super Bowl halftime show seems to be pretty hit or miss. Katy Perry was the lead performer last year, but the highlight was the appearance of Missy Elliott. That and Left Shark made for a pretty great halftime show. Prior to that the shows have included:

Super Bowl 48: Bruno Mars (appearance by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Super Bowl 47: Beyonce (appearance by Destiny's Child)
Super Bowl 46: Madonna (appearances by LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green)
Super Bowl 45: Black Eyed Peas (appearances by Slash, Usher)
Super Bowl 44: The Who
Super Bowl 43: Bruce Springsteen
Super Bowl 42: Tom Petty
Super Bowl 41: Prince
Super Bowl 40: The Rolling Stones
Super Bowl 39: Paul McCartney

Prior to Paul McCartney was of course the now infamous Janet Jackson show. The wardrobe malfunction led to the NFL going fairly conservative the next couple years. The best show of the past decade was Prince. He puts together an amazing live show, and he did great work at the Super Bowl. I'd honestly be perfectly fine having him do every Super Bowl halftime show.

Instead, we get Coldplay. They're a perfectly fine band. I don't care for them, but I know some folks do. But they're a fairly safe decision that will not offend to many people. Of course, it also won't draw in many extra eyeballs, barring any intriguing appearances by other artists. And so, it's a meh halftime show.