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49ers coaching staff: Would Bob Bicknell consider offensive coordinator role?

The San Francisco 49ers have had numerous issues on offense this season, and offensive coordinator Geep Chryst could very well end up getting a pink slip when the season ends. One major point of debate has been who would want a role on a 49ers coaching staff that has felt like a bit of a train wreck at times. There is always somebody out there, but it remains to be seen what kind of talent the team could land if Chryst gets canned.

Matt Barrows brought up an interesting name in discussing Chip Kelly's departure in Philadelphia. He mentioned Eagles' wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell as a name to watch. According to Barrows, the 49ers tried to interview Bicknell earlier this year, but were blocked by the Eagles. If he was released with the other Eagles coaches, he would be free to go wherever he wants.

Bicknell's potential interest in a hypothetical opening is obviously not easy to figure out. Barrows reported the Eagles blocked an interview this past year, but an Eagles media member said back in January that Bicknell did speak with Tomsula, but wanted to stay in his WR coach role with the Eagles. None of this matters if Chryst is not fired, but it is something to at least keep on our radar.