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Jim Tomsula gets the job security question...again

Will Jim Tomsula be back with the San Francisco 49ers in 2016? If we are to take his comments at face value, he would not seem to know.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had his normal Wednesday press conference as the team begins preparations for the St. Louis Rams, and it is not surprising he got a job security question. On Monday he was asked if the 49ers had addressed his job status with him yet. He said they had not, and the discussions around the office were simply about what people can do to help. On Wednesday, Eric Branch asked him if Jed York had said yet whether Tomsula would be back in 2016. Here is the exchange:

I have a job security question. And I know you covered some of this Monday. But, just to be clear, has CEO Jed York said to you you're coming back next season?
"I mean, I see Jed. I saw him yesterday. I see him every week. We just talk about the week and where we're going and our conversations haven't changed a bit."

So, those conversations are just week-to-week, not 2016?
"Yeah. It's been the same all year.

Tomsula will speak with the media Friday and Sunday. If he is not fired after Sunday's game, he likely would speak on either Monday or Tuesday to wrap up the season. It will take some work to figure out what exactly the plan is press conference-wise. Does Tomsula address the media before Jed York has had his end-of-season wrap-up media session? Logically, I would think York would first in fact clarify that Tomsula would be back in 2016 before the latter addresses the media. Otherwise it would just be that much more weird.

Tomsula will probably get a job security question on Sunday, but I don't expect much of an answer from him. He will acknowledge they did not have the record they wanted to, and that falls on him. Whether Jed York actually decides to take action will probably be known after that.