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Joe Montana, Steve Young with awkward handshake, high five in College Football playoff commercial

A year ago, the inaugural college football play was preceded by an amazing commercial. Joe Montana, Doug Flutie, Bo Jackson, and Herschel Walker were all sitting around talking college football. Flutie, Bo and Herschel gave Montana some grief about never winning a Heisman Trophy. Montana proceeded to drop the mic by showing off his four Super Bowl rings.

A year later, the commercial is back, with some new players included. Bo Jackson and Joe Montana are back, but this year it also includes Emmitt Smith and Steve Young. It goes for more self-deprecating between Young and Montana, highlighting their relationship, which was always tough given the position competition. You can watch the video above, and if you can't watch it at work (or wherever) right now, I highly recommend checking it out later.

Go ahead and use this as a New Years Eve thread. We've got this thread for the college football playoff semifinals currently going on, but otherwise, enjoy yourself in here. Happy New Year!