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Colts to let Chuck Pagano walk, let the Jim Harbaugh rumors begin!

The Indianapolis Colts will be one of the teams looking for a new coach next week, according to ESPN's Mike Wells. Chuck Pagano's contract expires after Sunday's season finale, and Wells is reporting the Colts will not retain the coach next season if the team does not make the playoffs.

The Colts are mathematically alive for the playoffs, but it would require a ridiculous number of scenarios for the team to make the playoffs. Here is the nine-team parlay that has to hit for the Colts to make the playoffs.

  1. Colts beat the Titans
  2. Steelers beat the Browns
  3. Broncos beat the Chargers
  4. Falcons beat the Saints
  5. Bills beat the Jets
  6. Jaguars beat the Texans
  7. Dolphins beat the Patriots
  8. Ravens beat the Bengals
  9. Raiders beat the Chiefs

No names have been formally connected with the Colts position, but would anybody really be surprised if we did not hear at least one rumor connecting Jim Harbaugh to the position? And we won't count this article as a rumor. But, I have to think somehow, some way, Jim Harbaugh's name will be connected to the Colts position. And I mean more than just "here's a list of people that makes sense". I want "sources say" attached to this. After all, David Dunn (Harbaugh's agent) needs to work out a salary boost to get a little more commission!