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Jim Tomsula Wednesday press conference was moved because of no-show

The San Francisco 49ers are having all sorts of craziness in the front office. Now Jim Tomsula may have taken a stand against Paraag Marathe. This thing is all over the place.

Fooch's update - A little something new. I've updated the headline to reflect that Jim Tomsula was not absent from the facility entirely.

How about that San Francisco 49ers soap opera, eh? While those of us on the east coast were sleeping, word dropped that Paraag Marathe was being removed from the franchise's power hierarchy. Tim Kawakami was the first to get that, and he along with Matt Maiocco reported Marathe would instead take a bigger role in York family's outside business ventures. Kawakami also reported Marathe would remain the team's lead negotiator and salary cap administrator.

Naturally this brought questions about what exactly went down, and we are still trying to sort through everything. However, our own socalisteph had an interesting tidbit related to head coach Jim Tomsula:

Tomsula's Wednesday press conference was rescheduled from Wednesday to Thursday, and Kyle McLorg was able to confirm this as well. McLorg had some follow-up on this situation:

This is all a very odd situation. Marathe has allegedly been involved in some of the leaks coming out of 4949 Centennial Boulevard. But then we hear about conflict between Tomsula and Marathe. Did Tomsula not show up to work demanding some kind of change? Was there something else in play? Again, there is still a lot to sort through here.

The reports raise more questions than they answer. For example, this Inman/Kawakami article reports that Marathe has developed contentious and distrustful relationships with some players and agents. And yet he remains the lead negotiator? If there is a problem with his relationships with agents and players, why would that be the case?

Who knows what is going on entirely. It's too soon to say anything with anything resembling confidence. And I imagine there are still plenty more leaks to be had. This is very much a fluid and developing story.