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Paraag Marathe, 49ers spin control is underway

The San Francisco 49ers front office is a mess, and for now, we remain somewhat in the dark as to what is actually happening. We have heard reports Paraag Marathe is getting a position change, and potentially being re-assigned within the organization. There are reports he will be handling more of the non-49ers operations, but that he also will remain lead negotiator and salary cap administrator. There are reports the leaks about Colin Kaepernick were part of the problem. There are reports, upon reports, upon reports, upon reports.

The biggest problem in all this is everything is left twisting in the wind until Jed York comes forth and provides some kind of clarity. It is possible this is just moving the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is possible York is legitimately displeased with Paraag. We don't know, and barring a Jed York press conference or other interview, we are not going to get particularly clear answers anytime soon.

This morning, 95.7 The Game's John Middlekauff made a very pertinent point, one which I imagine many folks here would fully understand.

There were not exactly crickets, however. Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter tweeted about it very briefly this morning:

Welcome to the spin zone! Whether it's Paraag covering his butt, or Jed trying to spin it himself, it feels like this organization is spinning out of control. I suppose this all could be part of a master plan, and everything will turn out roses. However, with so little firmly known at this point, we are all left blowing in the wind, hoping for some kind of answer about something. Good times all around for 49ers fans.