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Alex Boone not fined for comments about Pete Morelli officiating crew mistakes

Alex Boone put officiating on blast after the 49ers Week 12 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, but he will not face a fine.

In news that is a little surprising, but good to hear, it appears Alex Boone will not be fined for putting NFL officiating on blast last Sunday. Boone told Matt Maiocco that he did not receive a fine for the comments. He would have received it by now, so this would indicate the NFL is letting the matter go.

Normally, the NFL is quick to fine players and coaches when they criticize officiating. However, on Tuesday, word got out that particularly officiating crew was being re-assigned from Sunday Night Football to the Eagles-Patriots game. The NFL will never confirm that kind of thing, but if that is true, the NFL clearly recognizes they do not want that kind of crew in the national spotlight for a primetime game. It makes sense they would try and just shuffle everything under the rug, and thus not fine Boone. I still find it a little surprising given the NFL's history of fining players and coaches, but I am not entirely shocked.