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Breaking down the 49ers road trip sandwich decision

I get random tweets throughout the day, and oftentimes I'll learn random bits of information I would never otherwise think to learn about. Today was a good day for that! I learned what sandwiches the San Francisco 49ers occasionally get for their road trips. The team likely has plenty of food options on their flights, but as they prepare to leave for Chicago, the players and coaches will get to enjoy some sandwiches as well from Bertucelli's La Villa. The tweets went as follows:

The folks at La Villa sent along this picture of Quinton Patton getting his sandwich before the team's departure for Chicago.

They then followed up saying that the sandwiches in the first picture were actually for Antoine Bethea. I guess injury rehab makes the 49ers strong safety might hungry!

I gotta admit, that Chris Combo sandwich looks mighty tasty. I like a lot of different kinds of food, but I think a quality sandwich can be a really underrated experience. I've been making some roast beef sandwiches for lunch the last few weeks. They save me a few bucks from avoiding going out for lunch, and the fresh sandwich is really solid. I go with roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, and then sprinkle in some BBQ potato chips. It creates the perfect sandwich texture! What's your favorite sandwich?