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49ers expressed interest in bringing back Colin Kaepernick next season

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the San Francisco 49ers met with Colin Kaepernick last week, and the team expressed interest in bringing him back next season. He said the door is not closed on his return to the team in 2016.

There are a few things to note about this kind of report. Kaepernick is rehabbing with the trainers at the facility, so he is there most days. A meeting would not exactly be difficult to conduct, so it is entirely possible the two sides met. However, this could also just be a bit of damage control. The team has not exactly put itself in a great position with regard to Kap perceptions, so trying to make nice, behind closed doors and/or for public perception is not exactly surprising.

I still do not expect Kaepernick back next season. I won't say I am 100 percent convinced of it, but I would be pretty surprised. The team does have a ton of cap space next year, so they can afford his salary. That's one bit of quasi-leverage the team might have in this situation. That being said, the relationship is not exactly in a great spot. The best option at this point still seems to be to part ways. The labrum injury is an issue that will factor into the timing of it all, but we'll see as we get into 2016.