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Week 13 NFL schedule: PM game times, TV schedule, more

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their Week 13 game, and ...... We have a recap thread, and there will be plenty more threads, but I wanted to open up a separate thread for today's afternoon action.

We have four games, and they are all actually pretty interesting. We have three division leaders in action, two AFC wild card contenders, and even an NFC East contender (technically). The most notable game for draft purposes features the 3-8 San Diego Chargers hosting the 9-2 Denver Broncos. The Broncos are a four-point favorite, but divisional road games can be tough. An upset would not be all that shocking.

Here is the full schedule of 1:05 and 1:25 p.m. games:

Broncos @ Chargers - CBS
Chiefs @ Raiders - CBS
Panthers @ Saints - FOX
Eagles @ Patriots - FOX