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Blaine Gabbert connects with Torrey Smith for game-winning 71-yard touchdown

This was a really sweet play. We might as well watch it on repeat!

Blaine Gabbert and the San Francisco 49ers stunned the Soldier Field crowd on Sunday, beating the Chicago Bears in overtime. It was just your garden variety 71-yard touchdown pass. No big deal!

It has been a quiet season for Torrey Smith, but he blew up in a big way. Smith is one of the fastest players in the NFL, and he blew by the Bears secondary. I'm curious what the coaches film will show us, but I'm guessing the Bears were anticipating a first down run from the 49ers. The 49ers run game was not doing a whole lot of much, but the 49ers were committed to it.

Instead, the 49ers went for it all on the first play of the drive. And boy did it work. It would certainly be nice to see this kind of thing a little more frequently, but I won't complain too much for now. Gabbert entered the drive with only 125 passing yards. The passing game was going nowhere fast. Torrey Smith had one reception for five yards. And just like that, they flipped things real quick. That was certainly something else!