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NFL Draft order 2016: Cowboys beat Washington in wild one, tied with 49ers, Lions, Rams

That was one of the best worst football games I think I've ever seen. The Dallas Cowboys managed to beat Washington on Monday Night Football by a final score of 19-16 on a late Dan Bailey field goal. The only touchdown in the game came in the final two minutes after DeSean Jackson fumbled away a punt return, but then DJax turned around and tied the game late. The Cowboys held on and mediocrity reigns supreme in the NFC East!

It was a truly hideous affair, and right now we have three teams atop the NFC East at 5-7. Washington, Philadelphia and New York all now sit a game up on Dallas, who improved to 4-8 with the win. It's truly some god-awful football right now.

Speaking of Dallas at 4-8, we now have a seven-way tie among 4-8 teams in the 2016 NFL Draft order. The 49ers .526 strength of schedule is equal to that of the Cowboys, Lions, and Rams. The Saints, Ravens and Jaguars are all ahead of those four in strength of schedule. If there are SOS ties at the end of the season, a coin-flip determines first round order. Here is how the top ten currently looks, courtesy of Scott Carasik. I listed the 49ers No. 7, but really those four are all tied for No. 7 at this point.

1. Cleveland Browns (2-10) - .531
2. Tennessee Titans (3-9) - .495
3. San Diego Chargers (3-9) - .526
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) - .484
5. Baltimore Ravens (4-8) - .505
6. New Orleans Saints (4-8) - .521
7. San Francisco 49ers (4-8) - .526
8. Dallas Cowboys (4-8) - .526
9. Detroit Lions (4-8) - .526
10. St. Louis Rams (4-8) - .526