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Torrey Smith has become a man of patience

Following Sunday's win, Torrey Smith talked about the walk off touchdown and how he has become thankful for his patience being tested this season. We've got a full transcript, and you can view video here.

After what could have been another heartbreaking game for the San Francisco 49ers, Torrey Smith spoke to the media about the roller coaster of emotions that they went through at the end of the game. Smith breaks down the walk off touchdown that makes him the first 49er to have three touchdown catches of 70+ yards in a single season since John Taylor. It hasn't been coming up roses all season for Smith, who has shown his frustration with being under-utilized. He touched on his need to be patient after the game.

On being frustrated:

I was just frustrated we weren’t putting points up anyways. Very frustrated. Too frustrated. We were able to move the ball, be aggressive and make some plays when we needed to the most. At the end of the day, all that matters is getting the win.

On the last play:

We knew they were sitting. We didn’t take too many shots this game. They were sitting on us, so what are we waiting for? Let’s go get it. We got a great look. Everything happened the way you wanted it to happen. Blaine made a great throw. I had the easy job, making sure I didn't drop it, knowing I was open and just stride on in.

What route was it?

I’d say corner to be safe.

Were you surprised you were so open?

No. That’s the way the play is designed. If I wasn’t open, the ball would’ve come underneath to Anquan. We were just reading the corner. I kind of saw him settling, and the saying is, "you’re even or leaving." We were about even, so I knew I was going to be wide open.

On the play of the safety:

We have plays where I’ll go, and I’ll go flying across the field. He’s going to have to read that. I kind of gave him a little stick, and I don’t know if Blaine was staring Anquan down or not. He settled his feet either way. The ball was coming up.

On adjustment from the earlier play:

We didn’t even get back to that formation. Just like any other play, sometimes you’re open and we miss it, or we miss a matchup. I just happened to be matched up against a linebacker at the time and felt like I was open in the seam. We didn’t get back to it. I’ll just have to remind the offensive coordinator we need to get back to this look if they’re going to play it like this. I have a match-up right here. We ended up not getting back to it.

Were you one of the guys on sidelines during the last second field goal try?

No. I'm not even going to lie to you. I'm just like man, this is the kind of year we’re having right now. Please, can we have a miracle? I was standing right next to Bruce (Ellington). We were casually talking on one knee. He was like, " He’s going to miss it. You want to bet me?" "I’m not going to bet you. He isn’t going to miss this." He shanked it and I just looked at him. Thank you. He made a great call. A lot of guys, it's weird in that situation, a lot of guys just knew he was going to miss it. I don’t like wishing bad on anyone, but I’m glad he missed it.

On questioning what the offense is waiting for:

My job is to run what’s called. I don’t go over there and cry too much about what I think we need to do. I get paid to run around and catch the ball. I don’t get paid to coach. We were able to move the ball. Guys made plays. We dialed it up when we needed it most and it worked and we got the win. That’s the important thing.

Are you a patient person?

I’ve learned so much this year. My test of patience is unreal. I think having a kid kind of brings you there. As a player, sheesh. It’s been a year of patience building for me. I’m actually kind of thankful for it because it makes you appreciate when things do happen. It makes you appreciate just the whole grind. Nothing is promised. I’m just glad I'm able to be a small part of this team and be a part of this win today.

Can you talk about the development of Blaine and the chemistry of the offense?

Blaine can play. I’ve been saying that since day one. I don’t think people believe in his athleticism. He can run too. Obviously, everyone saw that. Folks were probably shocked, I’m happy for him. He’s doing a great job of moving the chains, making plays with his feet. We always feel like no matter what the score is, whether we’re up or down, we’re able to make the play with him back there. He’s doing a great job. Offensive line is doing a great job as well. Guys on the outside we are just are doing our part. We’re playing a lot better. We just gotta continue to grow. We’re not perfect, we have a lot of work to do. We just have to continue to work.