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Browns name Johnny Manziel starter for 49ers game

This is not breaking news, as reports were leaking out over the last two days. The Cleveland Browns have formalized the information, announcing on Tuesday that Johnny Manziel will start at quarterback this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Head coach Mike Pettine announced the news, saying that Manziel has "been solid in the building over the last couple weeks, and we are hopeful he takes this opportunity to continue to build on the progress he's made on the field throughout the season."

Manziel was benched two weeks ago after video surfaced of him partying down in Texas during the Browns bye week. Manziel spent time in rehab this past offseason, so when the video surfaced, questions were quickly raised. He also got into a roadside incident with his girlfriend, but the NFL chose not to suspend him for that. He sat out the last two games, serving as the third string quarterback two weeks ago against the Baltimore Ravens, and Austin Davis' backup last week against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Manziel has been all over the place in his brief NFL career, and his future with the Browns is not entirely clear. He's made some big plays for the team, but his inconsistency is pretty significant. The line for this game has been around 1.5-points, but some sportsbooks have come down to one point. It could still come down to a pick 'em, but my guess is we don't see much change over the rest of the week.