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Joe Montana on Blaine Gabbert: 'He's definitely someone you need to keep around'

Yep, the all-time great chimed in on Blaine Gabbert's performance thus far.

The San Francisco 49ers offense has found some success with Blaine Gabbert as the quarterback, and franchise greats are taking notice. Joe Montana recently conducted and interview with Sporting News as part of his promotion of an event with FanDuel. During the interview he got a chance to comment on Gabbert. He is impressed with what Gabbert has done thus far, and thinks even with the team's struggles there has still be some pressure to perform.

We'll have some more Gabbert film breakdown later today, but in the meantime, I thought I'd drop in some of Montana's comments. He does not get into a lot of detail, but it's always interesting to hear from one of the NFL's all-time greats. You can read more of them here.

On bringing him back moving forward:

"He's definitely some[one] you need to keep around," Montana said. "He's proved he can not only play at the level to win games, but also in that offense. That's key in proving his worth to the team. I don't know what will happen with Colin or what their plans are with him, but at this point at time, I don't think you let Blaine get away."

On what he can do with his legs:

"He has the athleticism to make defenses think about his running," Montana said. "If things break down, he can still get out of trouble and make plays downfield, not only with his arm, but his legs, too."

On the pressure of replacing the starter:

"Some people would say it's easier because you're losing and there's only upside, but there's still a lot of pressure to perform when you go in. When you make a change like that, you expect the backup to play well."