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Pro Bowl uniforms unveiled with 49ers version

The 2016 Pro Bowl will once again feature a new look uniform from Nike. They unveiled the uniforms, with the 49ers as one of two teams featured. We take a look.

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The latest round of Pro Bowl results was released earlier today, and with that came another unveiling. Nike released a look at their new "Untouchable" uniform, which will be used at the 2016 Pro Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers were one of the two teams to have their version of the uniform unveiled. I think the Dallas Cowboys are the other team, but I am not quite certain.

Whatever the case, the picture above, and this picture below are two examples of the 49ers uniform, courtesy of Nike. The University of Oregon will wear the first version of this on January 2 in the Alamo Bowl. In looking at this uniform, it is not nearly as crazy as one might expect from Nike. Of course, they could just use a slightly more low key uniform as a way of slowly building toward some of the stuff we see on a regular basis from Oregon. We'll see.