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Michael Crabtree signs extension with Raiders, Ian Rapoport believes it's around $8 million per year

Fooch's note: Rapoport is reporting the deal is four years, $35 million, with $19 million guaranteed.

Sometimes, signing a one-year contract can pay off in a big way. The Oakland Raiders have reportedly agreed to terms on a contract extension with former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The numbers are not out yet, but Ian Rapoport is reporting that he is hearing the deal is "worth roughly $8 million per year."

We'll keep an eye out for more specifics, but even with the non-guaranteed money that is always built into NFL contracts, Crabtree has likely done well for himself. If the $8 million average proves right, it would match the deal Torrey Smith got from the 49ers. Smith's deal is a five year deal worth up to $40 million. It provides plenty of outs ahead of time, but in terms of total potential dollars, it is $8 million per year.

Crabtree and Smith are very different receivers, but Crabtree has been the more productive receiver. Crabtree has 66 receptions for 760 yards and seven touchdowns, emerging as one of Derek Carr's favorite receivers. He and Amari Cooper have developed into a great duo for the Raiders. Oakland is scuffling of late, but the future is pretty bright for that offense.