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2015 Super Bowl picks, predictions: Staff picks for winner, MVP

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Super Bowl 49 is finally here. Will the Seattle Seahawks repeat, or will the New England Patriots claim their fourth title since 2001? Here are our staff predictions for the Super Bowl winner, as well as MVP.

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The 2015 Super Bowl kicks off this afternoon at approximately 3:30 p.m. PT, and it is time to get staff picks and predictions. I spoke with just about everybody who contributes on the front page, including both writers, moderators and podcasters. In putting this together, I ended up getting picks from 21 people (including myself). While I might be the face of Niners Nation, we have a fantastic group of people that help keep this site humming along 365 days a year.

The New England Patriots are a one- to two-point favorite over the Seattle Seahawks. This game actually has followed last year's to some extent in regard to the gambling. The Seahawks opened this year as a two-point favorite, and the line has swung three to four points. Last year, the Seahawks opened as a 1.5-point favorite, but the line swung so that on game day, the Denver Broncos were a two-point favorite.

I don't expect the same blowout result, but I do expect the Seahawks to win this game. I have been trying to figure out a score prediction, but it is not all that simple. The Patriots destroyed the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game, while the Seahawks had to scramble late to beat the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. New England a more potent passing attack, thanks primarily to the Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski connection. Additionally, Seattle's pass defense could be limited to some extent. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are both dealing with some injuries that limited them two weeks ago. They have said they are good to go, but at what level? Those two at 70 or 80 percent are still better than much of the league, but it is tough to know for certain.

The difference though will come in how the Patriots defend the Seahawks on the ground. And I think this is where the Seahawks win this thing. Marshawn Lynch will be critical, but Seattle will need a better effort from Russell Wilson than two weeks ago. New England will not blow the game like Green Bay did. And I think Wilson will be better. I still think he suffered some kind of concussion on that Clay Matthews hit, which limited him for a while during the game. He has had two weeks to recover, and I suspect will be at 100 percent for the game. I think he'll be able to do a lot of damage on the ground against the Patriots, and that combined with Lynch's performance could be the difference.

I decided to go with Russell Wilson for MVP. The quarterbacks are always the favorites, and I think Wilson does enough to get it this year. More than likely I see Marshawn Lynch being more deserving, but I think enough media members (who vote on the award) are pissy with him about his responses to them that he will get hosed out of the MVP award.

We have 21 Super Bowl picks, and only seven people went with the Seahawks. Of the 14 who went with the Patriots, nine picked Tom Brady to win MVP. Three went with Rob Gronkowski, and one each went with LeGarrette Blount and Vince Wilfork. Of the seven Seahawks picks, four went with Marshawn Lynch as MVP, two went with Russell Wilson, and my favorite pick was James going with Kam Chancellor.

Here is a full rundown of our picks. Post yours in the comments.

Fooch David N Oscar James Alex Trevor Wesley
Seahawks Patriots Patriots Seahawks Patriots Patriots Seahawks
Russell Wilson Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady Kam Chancellor Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski Marshawn Lynch
Jason N Tre ak4niner Ryan Steve Anthony Joel
Seahawks Patriots Patriots Seahawks Seahawks Patriots Patriots
Marshawn Lynch Vince Wilfork Tom Brady Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch Tom Brady LeGarrette Blount
Nick socalisteph 20.on.joe.vs.dan General Patton Billy Jason H El Shorts
Patriots Seahawks Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Rob Gronkowski Russell Wilson Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady