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Charles Haley deciding between Eddie DeBartolo and Jerry Jones for Pro Football Hall of Fame introduction

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After too many years of waiting, all-world pass rusher Charles Haley was finally voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. His induction will take place later this summer in Canton, Ohio, at which point he will get his gold jacket, and his bust.

When anybody is inducted into the Hall of Fame, they are introduced by a person of their choosing. On Saturday, Haley said when he retired, he had hoped Bill Walsh would one day be able to induct him. Unfortunately Coach Walsh passed away, and so Haley has a decision to make. It turns out he has narrowed down the choice to two people diametrically opposed in the minds of San Francisco 49ers fans.

Yep, he's deciding between the previous owner of the 49ers, and the current owner of the Dallas Cowboys. This is not remotely shocking considering he spent significant time with both teams. The 49ers drafted Haley, and he led the team in sacks each of his six seasons with the team. The 49ers then traded him to the Cowboys, and he was a big part of the Cowboys three Super Bowl teams. The combined time allowed him to become the only NFL player to play in and win five Super Bowls.

A player does not enter the Hall of Fame with a given team. I don't think Haley will be disrespecting either of his franchises with his choice of speaker. That being said, I think we all want to see Eddie D introduce him later this summer.