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2015 Super Bowl prop bets: Full list of my action for Super Bowl 49

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I have put together a few prop bets to occupy my mind during Super Bowl 49. Here is a complete list of my wagers.

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The 2015 Super Bowl is getting close, so the time has come to share my Super Bowl 49 prop bets. I had a few thoughts heading into the week, and doing some research confirmed those and other hunches. I'm sure that means I'll blow all of these prop bets, but at least there is some entertainment value to be had.

Final score

I decided to parlay the Seattle Seahawks covering with the point total OVER. I got the Seahawks at +1.5, the point total is set at 47.5 points. I still think the Seahawks win this game, and that total strikes me as low enough to give me a strong chance at the OVER. A 27-23 Seahawks win blows past it, so why not?

Gatorade color

I decided to go with clear/water dumped on the winning coach. If it is not seen on TV, there is no action on the wager. Last year it was orange, and that is the favorite. I got 3/1 odds on clear/water, so I figured, why not?

National Anthem

The Anthem total is set at 2 minutes, 1 second. I decided to take the UNDER. Idina Menzel sang the Anthem at the MLB All Star Game this past July, and went exactly 2 minutes, 1 second. Seven years ago, she sang the anthem in 1:34 at the Patriots-Giants Week 17 matchup. I don't expect it nearly that low, but I think she keeps it simple and comes in just under.

Doug Baldwin receptions

The total is set at 4.5 receptions. I decided to go UNDER, hoping that a visit to Revis Island keeps him contained. It might depend on how the Seahawks and Patriots move Baldwin and Revis around, but I am sticking with a solid Patriots defensive effort against Baldwin.

Marshawn Lynch receiving yards

The total is set at 19.5 yards. I decided to go OVER. The Patriots can struggle on dump-offs outside, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a screen or two with Lynch.


Bovada has established a wager for the number of times "deflated" or "deflate" will be said during the game (from kickoff to final whistle. The total is set at three, and I took the UNDER. I would have preferred 3.5, but I bet on this thinking the NFL has told NBC to take it easy on the topic.

First to score a touchdown

I decided to place three different wagers for first player to score a touchdown. I put a little bit on Marshawn Lynch (11/2), Rob Gronkowski (13/2) and LeGarrette Blount (7/1). Obviously only one can score the first touchdown, but if any of them hit, I cover all three bets, plus a small profit. Those three are the favorites, and I am still pondering whether to take Michael Hoomanawanui and his 40/1 odds. He opened at 50/1, but a lot of people apparently decided he is worth a bet.