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Super Bowl final score: Patriots win wild one over Seahawks

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The New England Patriots are your Super Bowl champions after a wild win over the Seattle Seahawks. The finish was insane, absolutely insane.

Well, at least it was an entertaining Super Bowl. The New England Patriots won a wild one over the Seattle Seahawks by a final score of 28-24. After a back-and-forth first quarter, the Seahawks appeared set to pull away in the second half. However, Tom Brady led the Patriots on a pair of fourth quarter touchdown drives to secure the win. The Seahawks got a crazy catch and seemed set up to punch in the winning score. However, Russell Wilson threw his first career Super Bowl interception, and the game ended in wild fashion.

FOOCH'S NOTE: Please do NOT troll Field Gulls right now. Let them grieve in peace.

Brady takes home his fourth Lombardi trophy, matching Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw in that category. Brady struggled at times, throwing a pair of interceptions, but he came up big when the Patriots needed it. Naturally, the discussion will move on to whether or not he is the greatest of all time. Plenty will say that given the total numbers, and his Super Bowl trophies. Of course, 49ers fans are quick to point to the interceptions and failed comeback attempts.

I do think Brady is one of the all-time greats, but it is really hard to compare quarterbacks from different eras. The rules have changed pretty drastically to benefit current quarterbacks. I don't see why it becomes necessary, but people will do it anyway.

The Seahawks came close to winning back-to-back Super Bowls, but they came up just short. They were a great team this year, but this loss shows just how hard it is to win multiple Super Bowls. They almost ran the gauntlet again, but came up short. They should not be sold short, but I think it's safe to say 49ers fans are pleased with the loss. And that ending....oh man, that ending.

This will be a big offseason for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is likely to get a monster contract extension, and Marshawn Lynch reportedly is going to get one as well. It's going to be interesting to see how they handle their cap situation with these two big contracts happening.