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Super Bowl 50 odds: Seahawks listed as favorites, 49ers at 25-1

The Super Bowl is a wrap, which means we have early odds for Super Bowl 50. The 49ers, Cardinals and Rams all have similar odds, while the Seahawks are a favorite. Here are the full odds.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The close of Super Bowl 49 means we have early odds for Super Bowl 50. Plenty of casinos have either released them, or will do very shortly. One casino is the Westgate Las vegas Superbook. They were the hosts of my pick 'em contest this year, and it just so happens they are the first ones I found.

The San Francisco 49ers have been installed at 25-to-1 odds to play the Super Bowl in their own stadium. Levi's Stadium will be the host site, with the official hand-over ceremony taking place over the weekend. The Westgate has a Super Bowl rematch as the most likely potential matchup at Levi's Stadium. The Seattle Seahawks are 5-to-1 favorites, while the New England Patriots are right behind them at 6-to-1. The longest odds belong to the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders.

The Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams join the 49ers at 25-to-1. All three teams have numerous question marks surrounding them heading into 2015. We already know there will be teams that come out of nowhere next year, and other teams that go in the tank. Plenty of people are predicting doom and gloom for the 49ers, but we'll see what craziness the NFL has in store for the 2015 season.

Here are the full Westgate Super Bowl 50 odds. We'll update them at least once or twice this offseason.

Seahawks: 5-1
Patriots: 6-1
Packers: 7-1
Broncos: 8-1
Cowboys: 12-1
Eagles: 16-1
Colts: 16-1
Lions: 25-1
Saints: 25-1
Rams: 25-1
49ers: 25-1
Cardinals: 25-1
Steelers: 25-1
Ravens: 25-1
Bengals: 25-1
Texans: 30-1
Chargers: 30-1
Chiefs: 30-1
Giants: 30-1
Panthers: 30-1
Falcons: 30-1
Dolphins: 30-1
Bears: 50-1
Vikings: 50-1
Bills: 50-1
Browns: 50-1
Washington: 100-1
Jets: 100-1
Buccaneers: 200-1
Titans: 300-1
Jaguars: 300-1
Raiders: 300-1