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Jim Harbaugh cites Frank Gore quote, wins at Twitter

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His latest tweet cites Frank Gore, but the others are awesome, too.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

When Jim Harbaugh agreed to become the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers before the 2011 season, he abandoned his Twitter account. During his tenure in the NFL, he almost gave the impression that he didn't know how to use these newfangled contraptions, that he was someone who ignored the entirety of the outside world. But, those who followed him during his time at Stanford knew otherwise.

Fast forward to present times, and Harbaugh is back on Twitter. I guess it's a way to connect with University of Michigan recruits in a sense. To show them who you are a bit without using precious allotted recruiting time, I guess? Either way, since returning to the Twittersphere, Harbaugh has been killing it.

For example, this gem today:

Frank Gore is awesome. Jim Harbaugh is awesome. Thus, this tweet wins the Internet today.

Here's what I find especially awesome about Harbaugh's tweets: You can hear his voice in your head when you read them, because they sound exactly like things he would say. There's no chance there is a ghost writer behind this account. It's pretty awesome to browse through his tweets.

You get this sense of him standing at a podium, black shirt and khakis firmly on, saying something with that one-side-of-the-face smile as he wraps up a presser. Closing with a departure from the rest of those sessions that brought tense, uncomfortable exchanges.

Jim Harbaugh is a winner, you guys. Now he's winning at Twitter, too.