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Golden Nuggets: Reloading Time

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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Now that the staff is fully hired, we can get into talking about the upcoming draft and free agency. It is Trent Baalke's turn to "reload" this roster. A few free agents seem destined to leave. Michael Crabtree is likely gone. One or both of Chris Culliver or Perrish Cox are probably gone. Mike Iupati could be gone. The legend himself, Frank Gore, could be gone as well.

Trent Baalke will need to decide who the team can keep to stay under the salary cap. I think Trent will try to keep Iupati and one of the cornerbacks. Culliver will probably command more money, but I think he is the better cornerback. Iupati will command a lot of money in free agency so he will be hard to keep around. But he is a top lineman and if the team goes back to a running game, having him back will position them well.

In the draft, the team has one huge need to fill and one that Trent has yet to get right. He needs to find a WR. He has a terrible track record with finding good ones. With the highest pick that the Niners have had in a couple years, the team needs to find a receiver with good size, speed, and hands. After receiver, Trent will have to shore up the secondary depth. They need CBs if one or both their starting CBs leave. This should be a big offseason for Trent. With Harbaugh gone, this team is more Trent's than Tomsula's. Let's see what he does to fix it.

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