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Jim Harbaugh: 'I felt like the 49er hierarchy left me,' (plus an overfill/open thread)

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Let's keep the discussion of Jim Harbaugh, Jed York and the dumpster fire that is this offseason going, shall we?

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On Friday, Jim Harbaugh revealed that his parting from the San Francisco 49ers organization was not exactly mutual, and that he was told he would not be returning in 2015 following a Week 15 loss to the NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks. Harbaugh said this and a whole lot more on a podcast with none other than Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

The podcast is a fascinating listen, to hear what Harbaugh has to say, and also to hear just how ridiculously excited Kawakami was to have this interview. I thought I heard him salivating at one point. At any rate, we've talked about it already, getting a good discussion going about how Jed York and Trent Baalke essentially lied to 49ers fans, and how it looks like Jim Tomsula was "the guy" all along.

I'm still troubled by what that means for the interviews they conducted with Vic Fangio and other "candidates," despite the fact that I am a fan of Tomsula's and see no reason for that to change after Friday's news. Either way, I figured we could use another thread and though I still haven't listened to the full thing, Kawakami did post a partial transcript which I'll quote from a bit below:

-Q: There's been so much comment from Jed York that it was a mutual separation between you and the team, that you mutually agreed you wouldn't be the coach. Is that true? Or were you told that you wouldn't be the coach any more?

-HARBAUGH: Yes, I was told I wouldn't be the coach any more.

And then... you can call it ‘mutual,' I mean, I wasn't going to put the 49ers in the position to have a coach that they didn't want any more.

But that's the truth of it. I didn't leave the 49ers. I felt like the 49er hierarchy left me.

-Q: Were you told this the Monday after the game in Seattle?


-Q: You could've left at that point, right? You decided to coach the final two games because you wanted to finish this out?

-HARBAUGH: Yeah, I did. I wanted to finish what I started-what we started. And I have great fond memories of it.

It's not going to be... I'm never going to take the position to trash something that I was a part of, and the memories that I have, the wins, the championships, the titles... those may be forgotten as time goes on...

-Q: I don't think they're going to be forgotten.

-HARBAUGH: Well, I am never going to forget the players, the loyal coaches and the memories that I have of being a part of the San Francisco 49er team.

Go ahead and give it a listen or check out Kawakami's transcript linked above. Remember: site decorum is not off. Keep it clean, keep it ... wait for it ... classy.