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49ers' Antoine Bethea gives Valentine's Day tips

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Need Valentine's Day advice from a 49ers Pro Bowler? Here ya go.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Look ... Valentine's Day is more than half over, and many of you have either succeed in doing something great, failed spectacularly or didn't have the opportunity because you're reading Niners Nation. But if there's still time to make something happen, then might I direct your attention to this video, via TMZ and featuring San Francisco 49ers star Antoine Bethea.

The folks at TMZ got Bethea in front of a camera, and asked him how he feels about Valentine's Day and even asked for tips. Bethea, who is married, said that hopefully, you have a "real genuine girl who loves you for who you are," and that Valetine's Day "can be real simple." He says taking her to a movie is great, but if you want to go elaborate with rose petals and champagne and the whole nine yards, it just depends on "what type of dude you are."

Among the other things in this video: Bethea professes his love for handmade cards, noting that the pre-made stuff is less meaningful, and that guys should expect Valentine's Day to be a two-way street as well. All in all, pretty sound advice from a guy who clearly has his head on his shoulders!

My Valentine's Day was yesterday, as my fiancee made a beautiful dinner and we both had to work today. She's cooking for other couples at her job and I'm stuck here writing these posts for you lousy lot. Anyway, the pretty entertaining video is below: