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Rams will stick with Sam Bradford in 2015

The San Francisco 49ers are pretty familiar with Sam Bradford at this point, and they'll likely see him twice in 2015, if he can remain healthy for the St. Louis Rams.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams are going to stick with quarterback Sam Bradford in 2015, the team announced in a press conference introducing Frank Cignetti as the team's new offensive coordinator. Bradford, who hasn't come close to living up to his contract or his draft status, has been injured more than he's been healthy over the past few seasons, but that didn't stop head coach Jeff Fisher from allowing Bradford to potentially veto the choice of Cignetti as offensive coordinator.

When asked if Cignetti would be "the guy" if Bradford had any issues with it, Fisher said "We wouldn't be sitting here right now," according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. That's significant, given the struggles of the Rams and the position they were put in with Bradford's injury.

Obviously, it's not Bradford's fault that he's been getting hurt, but many felt that Fisher only survived this offseason thanks to a free pass due to Bradford's injury. I was always of the opinion that the decision to stick with Bradford at all should have reflected poorly on Fisher, and if they plan on doing it again my mind is honestly kind of blown.

Whatever the case, the Rams are saying they're sticking with a guy who has missed 25 of his last 32 games. I imagine that this is just what they're saying to keep Bradford happy in the case that they are forced to run with him, not an unlikely scenario given the abysmal free agency quarterback class and the reluctance to spend a high draft pick on another one.

Think back to when Jim Harbaugh kept piling on the praise for Alex Smith. At the time, it seemed odd, but in reality, Smith was Harbaugh's only option for awhile there. The first chance he really had to move on from the guy that he heaped so much praise on .. he took it. Maybe that's what the Rams are doing here with Bradford who, admittedly, looks good when he's not hurt.

Whatever the case, the Rams don't look like they're interested in changing much, which is a staple of Fisher-coached teams. I think it's his biggest weakness, though given the offseason we've had with the 49ers, I suppose I shouldn't be harping on other teams for electing to change little. Either way, the 49ers will see a familiar foe in 2015, provided he can remain healthy enough to make it that far.