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49ers wanted Adam Gase to keep Jim Tomsula as defensive coordinator, per report

The 49ers and Adam Gase came close to a deal, but when San Francisco told him he had to keep Jim Tomsula as defensive coordinator, he backed out, per a report.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers offered former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase their head coaching position this past offseason, but only on the condition that Gase keep Jim Tomsula on the staff as defensive coordinator, according to a report from Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

Actually, that's not strictly true -- the report says that Gase and general manager Trent Baalke did have a very long talk and came about as close as two sides can get without it being 100 percent official. Kawakami reports that they came "very close to an agreement for Gase to replace Harbaugh, down to the details of his prospective coaching staff," and that Gase's preliminary choices for the coordinator spots "were approved."

Tomsula's name did not come up at that point, according to the report. Then, after Baalke returned to the Bay Area, they called Gase and told him that the job was his if Tomsula was made defensive coordinator.

This is rough, and while I called some of these reports to question just a couple weeks ago, I'm now pretty much a full-on believer. With Jim Harbaugh saying things with Tomsula were awkward, I'm starting to think that Tomsula's best quality, as far as Jed York is concerned, is that he is totally and 100 percent a "yes man."

I'm also starting to wonder if Baalke has the power he thinks he has, and if he got vetoed by York upon returning to the Bay Area. Or maybe Baalke always knew that they were committed to Tomsula, just not to what extent they would be committed to him. It's a really messed up, rough situation with all kinds of potential motivations and outcomes. These last couple paragraphs are nothing but speculation but hey, nothing is surprising anymore.

I know we've spent a lot of time talking about this, but it is pretty big news. Jim Harbaugh is gone and nothing is going to change that, and yes, this offseason will see these things discussed more and more. As more details come out, we're going to talk about it more and more. I'm looking forward to the day when we can watch football and I really, really hope that when that happens the 49ers aren't a dysfunctional mess.

But for now ... the 49ers are a wreck.