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NFL mock draft 2015: Will trades get in the way of 49ers picking a receiver?

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Many feel the San Francisco 49ers will take a wide receiver in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, if they can. But if there's a run of them, will they go defensive line?

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The 2015 NFL Combine gets underway on Tuesday, which means expert takes are going to be coming hot and heavy. There's no shortage of opinions on prospects once it gets going, and just about everyone is going to be a little bit prone to exaggerating. Still, the combine is plenty important, and the drills used give scouts tons and tons of useful information on players. It's also the only football thing happening right now, so you know you're going to watch it.

There's just enough time to take a look at another mock draft before it gets underway. On Monday, Dan Kadar of SB Nation and Mocking The Draft put together another big mock draft and this one is a little different. He's decided to throw trades in the mix, just to visit some of the scenarios people have been kicking around of late.

The trades do wind up impacting the San Francisco 49ers. In the last couple mocks from Kadar, San Francisco has been selecting West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White, filling one of its biggest holes. But a trade by the Cleveland Brown happens at No. 10, with them taking DeVante Parker of Louisville, which prompts the Minnesota Vikings to take White at No. 11.

That leaves San Francisco with Arik Armstead, a defensive end out of Oregon. Kadar notes that a defensive lineman is probably the pick if the top two or three receivers are already off the board, which was the case in this mock and could easily be the case when the draft actually gets here.

I'm actually fine with either wide receiver or defensive end in this draft, and I'm not too picky about which, either. It's also about time I start to tout my go-to draft line, which is simple: it literally does not matter where they're picking if they can get their guy at No. 15.

If people look and see those receivers gone and insist the 49ers need to trade down when there's a top-flight defensive lineman available, those people are nuts. It doesn't matter if they can theoretically get the guy 10 picks later -- get the guy when he's there.

Whatever the case, it sounds like plenty of people are fine with picking a defensive lineman in the first round. In the last post from Kadar's last mock, Fooch ran a poll about which position the 49ers will draft in the first round. At the time of writing, 60 percent suggest wide receiver and 18 percent suggest defensive lineman, the two leading poll options.