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Adam Gase would have wanted Vic Fangio as his defensive coordinator, per report

And Vic Fangio would have wanted to stay, says the report.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Jim Tomsula/Adam Gase saga continues, because why wouldn't it? Earlier, we posted on a report that suggested the San Francisco 49ers were very close to giving former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase the head coaching job, but inserted a last-second requirement of Jim Tomsula becoming the defensive coordinator. Gase was originally told that his own choices for coordinator were fine, but when the 49ers changed their tune, Gase walked away and Tomsula was named head coach, so says the report.

As it turns out, Gase's own choices for defensive coordinator may have been totally fine for a lot of people here on this site, at least as fine as Baalke reportedly led Gase to believe. Former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio would have stayed with the team in that role had they hired Gase to be the head coach, according to a new report from Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area.

Fangio was Gase's "first choice to remain in charge of the 49ers' defense," Maiocco reports, citing two league sources. He says that Tomsula didn't come up during the interview process, and that Gase was "prepared to keep Tomsula as defensive line coach with a title promotion." Maiocco doesn't confirm Kawakami's report that Tomsula as defensive coordinator became a sticking point, but it's not denied either.

This is pretty amazingly ridiculous, if you think about it. I'm going to miss what Jim Harbaugh brought to the table, but I personally think the drop from Harbaugh to Tomsula is smaller than the gap between Fangio and Eric Mangini, the new 49ers defensive coordinator. I think Fangio was the catalyst for much of San Francisco's success and yet somehow the scenario in which Fangio, Tomsula and Gase all remain on staff wasn't good enough.

Given that Tomsula and Harbaugh were having "awkward moments" near the end of Harbaugh's tenure as head coach, I wonder if Fangio was every truly an option. I feel like we need to include Fangio in the discussion when we talk about Harbaugh deserving better from the team.

But hey, what's happened is happened -- we just keep getting more and more details about how dysfunctional this whole process has been. Super fun times, right? I have to say, I have a lot of envy for the Chicago Bears right now, as they now having a coaching staff of John Fox, Adam Gase and Vic Fangio.