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Better Rivals Podcast: Trent Baalke and market inefficiencies

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This week, David makes his triumphant return to the show to help explore Trent Baalke’s impact on the 49ers roster. Oscar and David also recap new quarterbacks coach Steve Logan’s instructional DVDs.

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With the NFL Combine kicking off this week, and the league’s biggest offseason landmarks on the horizon, the Better Rivals podcast takes a step back to evaluate Trent Baalke’s five seasons at the helm of the 49ers front office. What processes has Baalke focused on while building San Francisco’s roster? And is that roster really as good as most people think it is? The episode concludes with a look at new quarterbacks coach Steve Logan’s coaching DVDs and what they might tell us about the 49ers offense going forward. All that, plus Frank Gore, the franchise tag, and Celebrity Jeopardy.

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