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49ers free agents 2015: Colts interested in Frank Gore, per report

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Frank Gore will hit free agency in March and the Indianapolis Colts could be the first team to get him on the phone.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts could be the best place for San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore to land, at least according to Matt Miller of Bleacher Report. When asked about potential landing spots for Gore, Miller cited the Colts, the Miami Dolphins and Washington.

The reasoning for the latter two is somewhat nebulous, with Gore's ties to Florida and the team's reluctance to give Lamar Miller the starting job applying to Miami. In Washington, Gore would be a backup, and I doubt Washington would offer him more money than San Francisco to facilitate that role. But it's the report of Indianapolis that I think is the most interesting.

Indianapolis wants a power running back, and according to Miller, both Chuck Pagano and Rob Chudzinski want Gore. The report is a little odd because it sounds like analysis and opinion more than a full-on report, but he does say from discussions with "multiple people in these cities and a couple people from San Francisco," that the Colts are probably a "shoo-in" to land Gore. There's also the fact that Trent Richardson has been ... below average at best, so Gore would be able to start for the Colts.

He then says that he doesn't think there's any way for Gore to return to the 49ers, suggesting that because of Carlos Hyde, they wouldn't offer Gore starting money for a one- or two-year contract. This idea of Gore going to Indianapolis isn't particularly new, as Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reported back in early January that Gore was "curious about playing with Andrew Luck," and wondered whether a "quality tailback is the missing element in Indianapolis' offense."

The logic definitely fits, and we're close enough to free agency that it's certainly possible Pagano and the rest of the coaching staff and front office have pegged Gore as a free agent to target when the new league year begins in March. Recently, Gore posted a note on Instagram (that was eventually deleted) saying he didn't know whether or not the 49ers were interested in him, and his agent followed that up by confirming talks have started between the two sides.

Talks between Rosenhaus and the 49ers are expected to resume at the NFL Combine this week.