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NFL win totals 2015: Early over/under for 49ers arrives

Sportsbooks are getting a little bit closer to 2015 NFL action. The first win totals have been posted.

MGM Sports Book

The 2015 NFL regular season is nearly seven months away. That means there is still free agency, the draft, offseason workouts, training camp and the preseason remaining before the San Francisco 49ers are back on the field for a game that actually "means something".

While much will change in the next seven months, that should not stop you from getting in on the 2015 win total action! The folks at CG Technology (formerly Cantor Gaming) released some early win totals this week. They have the San Francisco 49ers installed at 8.5 wins. Last week, James Brady took a look at some early win total projections, and thought the 49ers would be looking at 9 or 9.5 wins when the totals came out.

The rest of the NFC West has the Seattle Seahawks at 11 wins, the Arizona Cardinals at 8, and the St. Louis Rams at 7.5. This is not a prediction of how the division will shake out, but a way to get a little money on each side of the various numbers. I'm not entirely shocked the Seahawks are installed at 11 wins given that they will return a sizable chunk of talent in 2015. The Cardinals are likely down a bit because of significant question marks at the quarterback position while Carson Palmer rehabs his knee. The Cardinals and 49ers are two truly significant question marks in this division. As for the Rams? They are building a strong defense, but their offense has all sorts of problems to sort through.

Here is a full rundown of CG Technology's early look at win totals:

New England: 11
Seattle: 11
Green Bay: 10.5
Denver: 10
Dallas: 9.5
Indianapolis: 9.5
Baltimore: 9
New Orleans: 9
Philadelphia: 9
Atlanta: 8.5
Buffalo: 8.5
Carolina: 8.5
Cincinnati: 8.5
Detroit: 8.5
Houston: 8.5
Kansas City: 8.5
Pittsburgh: 8.5
San Diego: 8.5
San Francisco: 8.5
Arizona: 8
Miami: 8
N.Y. Giants: 8
St. Louis: 7.5
Chicago: 7
Minnesota: 6.5
N.Y. Jets: 6.5
Cleveland: 6
Washington: 6
Jacksonville: 5.5
Tampa Bay: 5
Tennessee: 5
Oakland: 4.5