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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick destroys twitter troll, Trent Baalke addresses media

Thursday, February 19, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. Collin Kaepernick has been working hard since the off season began and he has been in fine twitter form over that same time period. I don't know if Kurt Warner was working him too hard, or if the Arizona heat is a thing even in Winter. But he has been absolutely merciless with twitter hecklers and fake tough guys lately. A couple weeks ago, it was a keyboard warrior who thought it was a good idea to tweet at Kap that he wanted to punch him in the face.

The guy responded that he regretted his actions, and was indeed, nothing but talk before deleting both tweets. Today's exchange was even funnier because it was a heckler that apparently didn't even read Kap's full tweet. You can see the full exchange in the links below, but the best part to me is that that the guy has gone from eight followers to over 1800 as of this writing. The lesson here? Being a follower hungry twitter heckler pays.

In actual football related news, Trent Baalke spoke with the media yesterday and touched on a lot of topics we have been discussing since the season ended. He understandably didn't want to talk about Jim Harbaugh, seeming content to let him have the last word. He also touched on a number of pending free agents and that he was going to talk to Justin Smith about his potential retirement.

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