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49ers comp picks for 2015 NFL Draft not entirely settled

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The San Francisco 49ers were looking at two comp picks in the 2015 NFL Draft. That number might change.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

A month ago, Over The Cap produced their first look at compensatory picks for the 2015 NFL Draft. According to that initial rundown, the San Francisco 49ers were looking at two comp picks. The belief was that the 49ers would get a fourth round pick for losing Donte Whitner, and a seventh round pick for losing Anthony Dixon. The latter pick might not quite be the case.

Nick from OTC put together an updated look at comp picks in order to make a correction to a fairly sizable mistake. Nick is using the work of a previous writer (who is no longer doing this), and he forgot to include one fact. When a player is signed, he cancels out the player lost with the HIGHEST value in the same round or lower. That means, "if a team loses a player with a high seventh-round comp value and another player with a low seventh-round comp value, and if that team signs a player with an even lower seventh-round comp value, the signed player would cancel out the higher seventh-rounder, even though his value was closer to (and even less than) the low seventh-rounder."

In making this adjustments, something happened that impacted the 49ers. Instead of Anthony Dixon netting a seventh round pick, Colt McCoy nets a seventh round pick. However, because McCoy's value in the seventh is not as significant as that of Dixon's, it drops further down the total list of comp picks. In doing so, it could cost the 49ers that seventh round pick. The NFL allows a maximum of 32 comp picks, and right now, a McCoy comp pick would be around pick 33 or 34.

This is not finalized information, so plenty could change between now and the late March owners' meetings. Additionally, Nick mentioned that Chris Cook is a question mark because of playing time and APY thresholds. Again, we'll get final answers when the NFL owners meet later in March. Until then, Nick from OTC will continue updating this page.