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Rams allow Sam Bradford to explore trade options, still want him back in 2015

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Sam Bradford has missed 25 of his last 32 games due to injuries, and the St. Louis Rams still want him back in 2015.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We recently wrote about how the St. Louis Rams were planning on sticking with quarterback Sam Bradford in 2015-16, and while that's still true to an extent, Wednesday brought a new wrinkle to the situation. St. Louis has given the 2010 NFL Draft's first overall pick permission to explore trade options, according to a report from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

Bradford and potential suitors will find it difficult to satisfy whatever compensation the Rams will accept, however. In addition to that, general manager Les Snead spoke at the NFL Combine on Wednesday and noted that discussions aimed at reducing Bradford's salary going forward have begun.

In other words, the Rams are looking for an out when it comes to Bradford's contract, but at the end of the day think Bradford can still positively impact the team on offense. It's hard to argue with that sentiment, as Bradford has been a very effective quarterback at times. It's just that he's missed 25 of his last 32 games due to injuries.

As I said in the previous post, Bradford is a very familiar face for the Rams and I think they're a better team with him on the field ... but if he continues to cost the Rams a whole bunch of money and they aren't able to get compensation for him in a trade scenario, then that's all the better for the San Francisco 49ers.

I'd much rather the Rams field a guy with significant injury history, as crazy as I personally think it is -- I thought Jeff Fisher got a major pass this offseason due to Bradford's 2014 injury, and think it insane that he'd roll with him again. Whatever the case, this is an interesting situation and I definitely want to see how it plays out. There's not a whole lot out there in free agency or the NFL Draft when it comes to the quarterback position.