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2015 Super Bowl prop bets results: Gatorade, National Anthem, MVP and more in NN contest

The 2015 Super Bowl is a wrap, which means we can start to tally all the prop bets. Here are the ones we used in the Niners Nation prop bet contest.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, I announced the first annual Niners Nation Super Bowl prop bet contest. I did decide on the idea until Saturday, after Acme Packing Company came up with it. I'm disappointed that my gambling mind did not think of something sooner! We'll definitely be doing this in the future, and I'll make sure and get the post up ahead of time so more people have a chance to participate.

Unfortunately, I spilled beer on my laptop and appear to have shorted it out. I'm borrowing a friends for now, but it might be a day or two before I get a new computer. I'll come up with the final standings at that point. In the meantime, here is how each prop bet finished on Sunday.

Point spread/point total: The Patriots covered what we had as a two-point spread. They scored a late touchdown, and managed a key interception on the goal line to win. The final score of 28-24 just went OVER the 47.5-point total.

MVP: Tom Brady was favored to win it, and his four touchdown performance netted him his third MVP trophy. He threw a pair of interceptions, but his performance was worthy of the MVP.

Brady/Gronk yards: Tom Brady easily went OVER the 260.5-yard total, finishing with 328 yards. Gronk came up UNDER the 74.5-yard receiving total, finishing with 68 yards.

Wilson passing yards: While he did not have a spectacular game, Wilson was solid up until the end. He finished the game OVER the 219.5-yard total, but of course made the only bad pass that mattered. That's a shame.

Marshawn Lynch: I'm still amazed the Seahawks did not use him on the 1-yard line. Lynch finished the game OVER the 92.5-yard rushing total, finishing with 102 yards. He did NOT grab his crotch after scoring his one touchdown. Well, he did not do it on TV. Adam Schefter claims some people saw him do it off camera. But that doesn't count!

National anthem time: Idina Menzel finished in 2 minutes, 4 seconds, which put her OVER the 2:01 total. She started slow, finishing strong, but couldn't nail the UNDER.

Bill Belichick: He went with sleeves intact on his hoodie. He also was the first coach shown on TV after kickoff.

Katy Perry: That halftime show was crazy to say the least. I think the most common joke was the producer had to be on acid to come up with whatever was going on. I was actually quite entertained by it, but yes, it was really bizarre. Perry came out with some kind of short skirt, which was the favorite.

Gatorade: It was actually a longshot winner for this category. The Patriots dumped BLUE Gatorade on Bill Belichick. Well, that was the first dumping. They actually also dumped orange, but blue was what happened first. Blue had the second longest odds ahead of green.

Al Michaels: This was probably the easiest prop bet, and it paid off. He mentioned the point spread, which is why he remains one of my favorite announcers.

Tiebreaker: Our tiebreaker was total combined offensive yards. The two teams finished with 773 yards of offense.